The eye cream is gorgeous! so little is needed, it does tingle a little, but actually that’s a nice sensation! i could feel a slight lifting effect, then just a lovely comfortable nourished feeling. now onto the face cream. it’s packed to the brim! smells lovely. more tingling, which is invigorating, and them that lovely, almost ‘full-up’ feeling when you just know you’ve put enough on your face & neck and any more would be a waste! it feels wonderful on the neck. i do have those circle things, but the cream seemed to wipe them out, or at least that’s how it felt! so, in my humble opinion? i’ll be sticking with your range because i trust it, you very obviously know what you’re doing and it feels wonderful on my skin. another thing, i don’t wear much make-up, but my skin feels so good at the moment that i can imagine with continued use of such high quality face creams, a person would need even less. congratulations, you have a wonderful range and thank you for sharing it with us! marie x