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anti-aging Ingredients
  • With all the best anti-aging actives in the world - at high concentrations
  • Hand-made in Ireland
  • Only natural Ingredients
The Science - Types of
Ingredients and concentrations
Our products contain an intricate mix of the most potent plant extracts, cutting-edge ingredients, vitamins and peptides, all scientifically proven to affect the skin. In addition, the actives are mixed in a natural plant oil- and butter base, each contributing to the products' hydrating and healing effects.

All active ingredients are of high concentration - well above the proven therapeutic concentration for a visible and lasting effect.
Years younger
skin in two months
Do you suffer from wrinkles? Sagging skin? Large pores? Uneven skin tone or texture? Dry skin? Thin lips? Dark circles or puffy eyes? Skin problems such as acne?

-But don’t want to pay €200 for a cream?
-Or pay for expensive marketing and packaging?
-Nor want harmful ingredients, expensive plastic surgery or painful injections?

Anni Mateo Anti-aging skincare offer a range of tailor-made skin care products for all aging skin problems as well as other beauty products, handmade in Ireland.
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  • All Natural
  • TOP Quality
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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