Total Renew & Reshape Anti-aging Potent multi-peptide Wrinkle Repair Scar Healing Skin Firming Hydrating Serum – All Natural, 30ml.

This serum is a very potent cocktail of wrinkle-fighting, collagen building and scar-healing peptides combined with skin-tightening DMAE and Pepha Tight, targeting even the deepest wrinkles, facial sagging, and skin texture. It is formulated with the most potent peptides and actives at the highest optimal concentrations and delivered deeply into the skin with hydrating Hyaluronic acid, Oat Beta-glucan, and Argan oil.

The active ingredients in this serum have been clinically proven to deliver results on their own and are formulated with concentrations well above the documented efficiency level. Most of the ingredients in this product are food-grade. The following are the active ingredients:

*Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-8) mimics the action of Botulinum (Botox) as it inhibits the release of neurotransmitters which relaxes facial tension leading to a reduction in wrinkles of ~30% following 30 days of treatment.

*Matrixyl (Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3) works at the DNA level to stimulate the very factors in the skin which we lose as we grow old, collagen and fibronectin. A clinical trial revealed that Matrixyl temporarily produced “a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles” and documented changes as high as 68% (Matrixyl® 1999).

*Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl tripeptide-3) stimulates collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts as it has a unique sequence to mimic the skin’s own mechanism to produce collagen. It actively compensates for any collagen deficit in the skin and makes the skin look younger.

*Syn-Ake is a small synthetic dipeptide that mimics snake venom and that helps quickly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and laughter lines. As our skin gets older the number of expressions and laughter lines increases, along with crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. Syn-Ake enables facial relaxation, which in turn reduces wrinkles without losing the ability to help people express themselves. It’s fast-acting, long-lasting, and fully reversible.

*PEPHA®-TIGHT is a unique skin tightener, consisting of purified algae extract combined with a fraction of polysaccharides. Several studies have proved it provides immediate tightening to the skin as well as a long-term tightening effect through the strengthening of the skin’s connective tissue. It is protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and stimulates the formation of collagen and supports the enhancement of the connective tissue.

*Copper Peptide. Numerous studies have shown copper peptides to accelerate the regeneration and repair of many types of mammalian tissues (and to have a lot more effects as well), see for more information.

*Hyaluronic Acid is known as the most effective moisturizer ever discovered as it absorbs between 500 and 1,000 times its weight in water. It is promoting the reduction of wrinkles by improving capillary health and supporting skin nourishment. It forms a thin transparent visco-elastic surface film that helps to preserve the characteristics of youthful and healthy skin.

*DMAE improves the firmness of the skin and helps reduce the visual appearance of sagging skin. It helps the body produce acetylcholine causing the skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone up. When applied to the lips, DMAE helps improve blood circulation, and tones the lip area, creating a fuller appearance.

*Beta-glucan has been shown to improve skin elasticity, and skin hydration, and decrease wrinkles and all other skin inflammatory conditions, as well as also acts as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Studies have shown that Beta-glucan can penetrate the skin and significantly reduce the depth and height of wrinkles and it was concluded that effects could be seen in as little as ten days.

*Argan oil, called “liquid gold” is high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Experts believe it can help with many skin conditions, from dry skin and wrinkles to psoriasis, eczema, and acne.


All-natural: This product does not contain petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, perfumes, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, or any kind of “fillers”, only ingredients known to deliver results.

How to use: Carefully apply 3-4 drops on a clean face and neck. Leave absorb into the skin. Your skin will feel instantly hydrated. If you wish, apply your regular face cream over it.

Please note the product contains DMAE at 3%, which can cause a tingling sensation (this is only natural). Please, be aware that DMAE has a characteristic odour.

Weight 70 g


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Total Renew & Reshape Anti-aging Serum

Total Renew & Reshape Anti-aging Potent multi-peptide Wrinkle Repair Scar Healing Skin Firming Hydrating Serum.